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CDYSB supports the creative and artistic expression of young people who participate in youth projects/services and voluntary clubs/groups in the City of Dublin. This is facilitated by CDYSB sponsoring and supporting creative workshops, showcase events and artists’ engagement with young people and youth work practitioners.

CDYSB organises training courses and workshops for youth workers and volunteers to further their capacity to integrate creativity and art into youth work programmes and activities.

CDYSB also works in strategic partnerships with other arts organisations (both statutory and voluntary) and independent artists so as to maximise the creative potential and development of young people in the City of Dublin. CDYSB is currently working in collaboration Dublin City Council's Arts office, Waltons School of Music, Coisceim Dance Theatre and The Music for Youth Project around a range of visual arts and music and dance programmes which are being offered to projects and clubs across the city in 2013. 

This year CDYSB and the arts office in Dublin City Council are working together to develop a film and drama programme for young people attending youth projects throughout the city called ‘Love film’. The programme is currently being rolled out and provides high quality workshops in areas such as: acting for film, a-z of filmmaking, storyboarding, script development.

CDYSB will also support the REEL YOUTH collective (a filmmaking project run by several youth projects/services throughout the city) which is established 10 years this year, a milestone which REAL YOUTH will celebrate in September 2013.

We also intend to run a showcase similar to 2012’s ‘the big sparkle’ to shine a spotlight on all the talented young people in clubs and projects across the city, so get ready to perform!
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