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3rd / 40th / 41st Dublin Donnybrook Scout Group

What is Scouting? – Fun, Adventure, Challenge, Participation, Teamwork.
We provide adventurous and stimulating activities and personal development opportunities for the young people in our group.
In Scouting, we believe that young people develop most when they are learning by doing, when they are given responsibility, work in teams, take acceptable risks and think for themselves.
The Scout Programme is based on a system of values such as honesty, loyalty, obedience, cleanliness, trust and helpfulness. Scouting offers young people a unique opportunity to be trained in leadership skills.
We aim to promote the social, physical, intellectual, character, emotional and spiritual well-being of each Scouter. We aim to help each Scouter achieve their full potential. We aim to develop moral strength of character.
Scouting is run by a team of hard-working volunteers. In addition to running a weekly programme and planning weekends away, leaders are expected to attend additional meetings. Group Council members meet bi-monthly to plan and co-ordinate the activities of the group as well as control and allocate the finances.
On alternate months, the Group Leader meets with the Section Leaders to discuss operational issues. 

3rd / 40th / 41st Dublin Donnybrook Scout Group
Address16 Brookvale Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4
Postal DistrictPostal District: Dublin 4
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