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Youth Club/Group Grants Available

Voluntary youth clubs and groups make an enormous contribution to the development and delivery of youth work across the City of Dublin. One of the ways that CDYSB supports and strengthens this contribution is by providing a scheme of grants and other services to these groups.

The scheme is a key support offered by CDYSB to voluntary youth clubs and groups in order to assist them in a wide range of activities, from the delivery of youth work programmes to administration and training. All clubs and groups must be registered with CDYSB to avail of grants and services.
  • To be considered for registration a club or group must complete a registration form and submit it to CDYSB.
  • Clubs or groups must be situated within the Dublin City Council area to be eligible for registration.
  • Youth clubs and groups working with young people aged between 10 and 21 years of age may be eligible to register.
  • Staff led groups are not eligible to avail of these grants and services.
  • Sports clubs are not eligible to avail of these grants and services. 

Local Youth Club Grant Scheme:

This grant is intended to provide financial assistance towards the annual running costs for registered clubs and groups that comply with National Quality Standards for Volunteerled Youth Groups (NQSVLYG).

Starting Grant:

This is a once-off grant to cover the initial start-up costs of a new club or group.  

Activity / Programme Grant:

This grant is available to enable clubs and groups to deliver a specific activity / programme or to develop a 'new dimension' to an existing activity or programme.

Training Grant:

This grant is designed as a subsidy towards the cost of training voluntary adult youth leaders.

Development Grant:

The aim of this grant is to enable a registered club or group to undertake essential refurbishment of their premises.

Summer Project Grant:

The aim of this grant is to contribute towards the cost of educational programmes and activities in locally organised summer projects. This form is made available between March and May of each year

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