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Youth Project/Service Funding

CDYSB is an administering agency for a number of streams of government funding. The funding is designated on a youth project by youth project basis, subject to availability of funding and other conditions.
To be approved for funding, projects are subject to an application process that is approved by the relevant government department. The funding streams currently administered by CDYSB are:
Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY)
  • UBU Your Place Your Space
  • Targeted Youth Funding Scheme
The UBU Policy and Operating Rules can be accessed by visiting the resources page on the government's UBU webiste.

Department of Health - Drug Prevention Unit
  • Local Drugs Task Force (Interim & Emerging Needs)
Funding Drawdown Forms and the Financial Reporting template can be downloaded from our Library section
Voluntary Youth Work (Club/Group) Funding
Voluntary youth clubs and groups make an enormous contribution to the development and delivery of youth work across the City of Dublin. One of the ways that CDYSB supports and strengthens this contribution is by providing a scheme of grants and other services to these groups.

Youth clubs and groups registered with CDYSB may be considered for grants to assist them in a variety of activities. All clubs and groups must be registered with CDYSB to avail of grants and services.
  • To be considered for registration a club or group must complete a registration form and submit it to CDYSB.
  • Clubs or groups must be situated within the Dublin City Council area to be eligible for registration.
  • Youth clubs and groups working with young people aged between 10 and 21 years of age may be eligible to register.
  • Staff led groups are not eligible to avail of these grants and services.
  • Sports clubs are not eligible to avail of these grants and services. 
There are specific conditions and procedures for registering a group with CDYSB. To read these in detail or to download a registration form please click the links below.

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