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National Quality Standards Framework (NQSF)

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National Quality Standards Framework (NQSF) Resource Manual

The aim of this resource is to provide guidance to youth organisations implementing the National Quality Standards Framework (NQSF). The resource is specifically designed to support the NQSF’s Co...
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NQSF Evidence Matrix

Provides evidence indicators for 5 Core Principles
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NQSF Overview Presentation

Presents an overview of the NQSF structure and process.
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NQSF Sample Outcome Statements

Provides examples of Outcome Statements and advice about writing them.
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NQSF Sample self-assessment template

Provides an example of a template that can be used when completing self-assessment.
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NQSF Self Assessment Workshop

A workshop that facilitates developing awareness and understanding of the NQSF process.
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NQSF self-assessment workshop presentation

This presentation accompanies the the self-assessment workshop.
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NQSF Sample self-assessment questions

Provides examples of self assessment questions.
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NQSF Information Notes for Services

This document is a step-by-step guide to working through the NQSF process.

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