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‘Y NOW’ magazine is aimed at youth work staff, volunteers, members of projects and clubs, and those in related services.

In ‘Y NOW’ we hope to give a sense of what is happening in youth work, particularly in the city but also nationally and internationally. This magazine is not an academic journal; it is designed to be attractive, informative and easy to read.

'Y Now' is a resource for the Youth Work sector so please contact us if you wish to pitch an idea for an article or if you know of a project or person that should be profiled or celebrated.
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YNow - Issue 19

Winter Edition 2016. In this issue: National Youth Strategy 2015-2020, The Children First Act 2015, The National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012, The RISE Partnership, Ch...
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YNow - Issue 18

Summer Edition 2015. In this issue: Value for Money and Policy Review of Youth Programmes, Developing the National Youth Strategy, Children and Young Peoples Services Committees (CYPSC), The Europe...
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YNow - Issue 17

Winter Edition 2014. Youth unemployment - Bradog and Sphere 17 continue their youth employment initiatives. Racism - The important role of youth services in combating racism. Building Bridges - Exc...
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YNow - Issue 16

Summer Edition 2014. Ombudsman for Children's Office (OCO) celebrates 10 years. Children First Bill 2014 was launched in April by Minister Frances Fitzgerald. Government launches Better Outc...
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YNow - Issue 15

Winter edition 2013. A Stronger Voice for the Youth Sector - An interview with Frances Fitzgerald TD. Young people's challenges in education, training and employment. 'Reel Youth' - celebrating...
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YNow - Issue 14

YNow magazine for Summer 2013 features articles from youth organisations that demonstrate how the gap in mental health services for young people are being addressed at local level.
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YNow - Issue 13

YNow magazine for Winter 2012 we celebrate 70 year of services to young people in Dublin by CDYSB. also featured are articles on self-image, youth exchange and youth protection and welfare.
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YNow - Issue 12

YNow magazine for Summer 2012 reflects people working together to play their part in stabilizing their communities and enabling progress on the delivery of youth services with diminished resources.
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YNow - Issue 11

YNow magazine for Winter 2011. As a sector youth work has been through tough times and there are challenges ahead if we are to continue to meet the needs of young people.
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YNow - Issue 10

YNow magazine for Spring 2011 is a packed showcase of heartening stories in testing times - and a timely focus on politics and the change that it can and must deliver.
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YNow - Issue 9

YNow magazine for Winter 2010 shows the diversity of voices on the side of children and young people. There is also a supplement on Youth Justice.
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YNow - Issue 8

YNow magazine for Summer 2010 proves that the innovation, creativity and hard work that are needed to minimise the negative impact on young people of funding reductions goes on.
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YNow - Issue 7

YNow magazine for Winter 2009. In this special issue of YNow you will find compelling arguments to support the youth work sector against cuts - political, social but most importantly, grassroots...
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YNow - Issue 6

YNow magazine for Summer 2009 seeks to highlight the nature and effect of the involvement in youth services for young people and their communities.
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YNow - Issue 5

YNow magazine for Christmas 2008 reflects on the new challenges facing the youth sector in an Ireland going through recession.
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YNow - Issue 4

YNow magazine for Summer 2008 looks in particular at the activities and programmes that are organised off-site and in many cases, outside the locality in which young members live.
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YNow - Issue 3

YNow magazine for Spring 2008 looks at Art in a youth work setting and the use of various art forms to engage with young people.
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YNow - Issue 2

YNow magazine for Autumn/Winter 2007 looks at Youth Work and Education, highlighting the routes into the profession of youth work
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YNow - Issue 1

YNow magazine for Summer 2007 looks at the challenges and opportunities that interculturalism brings to youth work.

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