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Youth Project Forms for Download

* Please note that the UBU Drawdown Form and Financial Template are only available from the Resources section of the UBU website.
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Finance Monitoring Template for 2021

This is the Finance Monitoring template is to be used to show funding received from CDYSB and to detail the expenditure relating to that income only. This template is NOT to be used to report on...
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Project Drawdown Request Form

Drawdown Request form for youth projects in receipt of TYFS, YIC, Interim and Emerging Needs funding only.
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Youth Project Board Handbook Template

This handbook template has been developed to provide members of youth project boards with the necessary information to understand their role and responsibilities in respect of the overall governanc...
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Youth Project Risk Register Sample & Template

This Risk Register Sample and Template has been developed to help Boards of Management identify & assess risks and to decide on appropriate responses. A risk management framework provides manageme...
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Programme Contact Planning and Recording System (May 2014)

This document is the CDYSB Programme Contact Planning and Recording System as issued in May 2014 and is the recognised CDYSB template for Contact Planning and Recording for all youth projects and s...
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EFT Details Form

This form is used to setup or amend bank details used to pay grant monies by electronic funds transfer (EFT). NOTE: This form was updated on 30/04/2019 and the current version is 1703
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Internet Listing Form

Form to submit project details to be included in list of youth projects on the CDYSB website.
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Garda Vetting Contact Nominee Form

Form to nominate project members to deal with the Garda Vetting correspondence/issues.

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