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NQSF for Youth Projects and Services

The National Quality Standards Framework (NQSF) for youth work is a Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) initiative designed as a developmental process for youth projects and services across Ireland.  It aims to ensure that youth work organisations provide quality services to young people. 

The rationale for the NQSF is:
  • To provide a support and development tool for youth work organisations providing services to young people
  • To establish standards in the practice and provision of youth work
  • To provide an enhanced evidence base for youth work
  • To ensure resources are used effectively in the youth work sector
  • To provide a basis for ‘whole organisational assessment’
Click on the link below to download a copy of the NQSF document. 

National Quality Standards Framework (NQSF) Publication

The NQSF unit and other organisations have developed a number of resources to support projects to carry out the process. Click on the link below to view these 

Training and Resources
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