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Projects in receipt of funding under the UBU Your Place Your Space scheme under the auspices of the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY), are subject to the conditions set out in the UBU Policy and Operating Rules that includes a Performance and Oversight Engagement Framework.

It is an essential requirement that all public monies are appropriately accounted for and used for their intended purpose. Funded organisations must use their UBU Your Place Your Space scheme grant in a cost-efficient and financially prudent manner solely for the purposes set out in their application for funding. Priority must always be made to deliver services to the target group(s) identified for the UBU Your Place Your Space scheme.

Further information on how the scheme works, details of the UBU Policy and Operating Rules and financial templates and drawdown sheets can be found here, on the UBU website.  

Further information on the UBU Your Place Your Space scheme can be found on our website here.
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