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UBU Your Place Your Space

The UBU Your Place Your Space scheme (formerly the Targeted Youth Funding Scheme) under the auspices of the then Department of Children and Youth Affairs now the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) came into effect on July 1st 2020 with a clear direction to ensure that “the policy and governance environment in which Youth Service funding is used is fit for purpose, enabling all stakeholders to do the best job possible for your young people”.

The mission statement of UBU Your Place Your Space is:
“To provide out-of-school supports to young people in their local communities to enable them to overcome adverse circumstances and achieve their full potential by improving their personal and social development outcomes. The vision behind the scheme is that all young people are enabled to realise their maximum potential, by respecting their rights and hearing their voices, while protecting and supporting them as they transition from childhood to adulthood.”

UBU Your Place Your Space streamlines and strengthens the three previously existing and overlapping funding programmes, Special Projects for Youth (SPY), Young People’s Facilities and Services Fund YPFSF (1 and 2) and Local Drugs Task Force (LDTF). The new scheme aims to provide services that support young people to develop the personal and social skills required to improve their life chances. UBU Your Place Your Space provides quality, flexible and responsive youth services in local communities.  

Young people aged between 10 and 24 years old who are experiencing marginalisation or are disadvantaged or vulnerable are the primary target group for youth services funded by the UBU scheme.

Types of youth services funded under the UBU Your Place Your Space
There are three strands of funding that organisations can apply for:

Strand A: Services for Young People – Funding for the direct delivery of youth services, on either a geographic or thematic basis, to the target group of young people for the UBU Your Place Your Space scheme and the operational costs associated with this provision.

Strand B: Access to Youth Facilities – Funding to support access for the target group to existing youth facilities originally built using YPFSF (1 and 2) and to make provision for the use of office space for organisations funded under the scheme.

Strand C: Capacity Building – Funding for supports that build and strengthen the capacity of frontline practitioners/funded organisations to deliver youth services and services to young people in the UBU Your Place Your Space target group. These must only be existing and be youth services formerly funded under the YPFSF (1 and 2), LDTF or SPY funding programmes.

How it will work
UBU Your Place Your Space operates on a 3-year cycle (3.5 year for the first cycle). The operational launch of the Scheme took place in July 2020. DCEDIY is the lead agency and grantor for UBU Your Place Your Space. The Educational and Training Boards will administer the funding to organisations based on a cycle of needs assessment, planning, implementation and review. UBU Your Place Your Space will be awarded to organisations through annual grant funding.

Implementation approach
During the first cycle of implementation of the UBU Your Place Your Space scheme, the organisations funded under the previous three funding programmes (SPY, YPFSF 1 and 2, LDTF) can apply for funding based on a set of eligibility criteria and an application that addresses the service requirements set by the local Education and Training Board.

The DCEDIY’s aim in taking this approach is to minimise disruption in the provision for young people and to ensure that organisations who meet the eligibility criteria and who hold relevant expertise are supported into the new scheme. Having met the eligibility criteria, funded organisations in receipt of UBU Your Place Your Space funding grants must meet all the assessment criteria for the UBU Your Place Your Space scheme (within a 12-month period of receiving funding) and deliver youth services to meet the needs of young people in a cost-effective way and utilising evidence-informed approaches.

Role of Education and Training Boards
Education and Training Boards (ETB) work with the DCEDIY, as a strategic partner, to deliver UBU Your Place Your Space across the country. ETB Liaison Officers/Youth Officers play a crucial role supporting, developing and monitoring their local youth services. The Youth Officers engage directly with the youth organisations in their area to provide support and guidance.

City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB)/CDYSB is the administering agency for UBU Your Place Your Space funding to organisations in the City of Dublin.

Further Information
The UBU is governed by the UBU Policy and Operating Rules that includes a Performance and Oversight Engagement Framework. Further information on how the scheme works, eligibility criteria for funded organisation and details of the UBU Policy and Operating Rules can be found here:
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