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Restricted Mic - expressions of interest

Restricted Mic - expressions of interest
Event date: 29 June 2020
Event location: Radio and Video Streaming
As a result of Government advice and guidance concerning COVID-19, CDYSB is responding in numerous ways to support youth funded organisation during these exceptional times.
Where normally CDYSB would produce a number of showcase events for young people, for example the “Open Mics”, this year CDYSB are seeking expressions of interest in what has been given the working title of “Restricted Mic”. This is an online event whereby pre-recorded performances are to be broadcast via radio with video streaming to social media. The logistics of how we achieve this are being developed as we speak. CDYSB would like to think if enough interest is shown we could stage this event mid to late June.
The logistics of how workers engage young people in this venture are also complex. With the restrictions in place it is paramount that young people are not encouraged to group together in order to perform. On this occasion the “Restricted Mic” will be open to a young person’s family as a performance, which may alleviate some of the pressure.  As this will be an online event, the additional parental and/or guardian consent required will be the responsibility of individual services.  There are platforms out there to enable performers collaborate digitally and support will be provided on how best to record performances, where possible.
This could be an exciting adventure and one that will be developed over time. 
Closing date for expressions of interest is Friday 15th May 2020
If you would like to be involved or further information, contact Maurice Noble by email at 


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